About Prescott cargo
About Prescott
235 Years
Prescott Support's air cargo services provide air charter services to commercial, federal and military clients as well as international non-governmental relief organizations.
Prescott Support’s Management Team is comprised of air cargo professionals with extensive international aviation experience.

Prescott Support is a U.S. certificated, Part 135 On-Demand Air Carrier and a global provider of tailored passenger and cargo transportation services to commercial clients, U.S. federal government and state agencies, freight forwarders as well as international relief and humanitarian assistance organizations. 

Our mission is to provide each client with right-sized and responsive air transportation solutions while delivering the highest levels of safety, security, reliability every day. 

We operate twin turboprop EADS CASA CN-235 aircraft.  Our unique all-turbine, multi-purpose fleet offers rear ramp access and full “roll-on / roll-off” capability affording Prescott customers the ability to haul bulky, outsized loads that traditional cargo aircraft can't.

When your logistics plans and air freight requirements mandate secure, reliable and responsive delivery of time-sensitive, high value cargo and personnel, Prescott will get there On Time – Anytime, Every Time.

NAICS Codes:
• 481211 – Nonscheduled Charter Passenger Air Transportation
• 481212 – Nonscheduled Charter Freight Air Transportation
• 481219 – Other Nonscheduled Air Transportation