Air cargo services
Air cargo services
102 Locations
“Our fundamental mission is to provide air cargo services on time, anytime, everytime” –B. Gibson, CEO
International locations served.

Our continued growth and success in delivering safe, secure and reliable air freight and charter passenger services is based on three principles: the capability, flexibility and reliability of our aircraft; the integrity, innovation and expertise of the Prescott Support team; and our in-depth understanding of your air freight requirements and passenger movement needs. 

Prescott Support's reputation as a responsive, reliable and cost effective carrier is based on our partnership and past performance with our select group of clients which include:

• U.S. and international commercial clients including Fortune 500 companies,
• U.S. federal government and state agencies,
• Domestic and international freight forwarders, and
• International charities and relief organizations.

All Prescott Support's aircraft have the ability to operate into and out of short, unimproved landing sites. Prescott Support's aircraft provide each customer with the unmatched flexibility of flying freight or passengers into traditional cargo terminals or selecting more remote locations with little existing infrastructure.  Vehicles, generators, or drilling equipment; jungles or deserts; no cargo or location is too "out of the ordinary". 

Prescott Support's air cargo services - when traditional solutions don’t exist and On-Time defines success.