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“Our fundamental mission is to provide air cargo services on time, anytime, everytime” –B. Gibson, CEO
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All of our cargo planes are outfitted to support both cargo and passengers. If you need an on board courier, give us a call and we’ll get someone on board with your cargo. At Prescott Support, we pride ourselves on both our efficiency and our reliability. We use every resource at our disposal to get your cargo sent to where you need it, when you need it, how you need it. Our expert staff handles your cargo before, after, and during transport to ensure it is safe and handled exactly as you specify. But we understand that the greatest peace of mind sometimes comes when you take things into your own hands.

That’s why we welcome on board couriers on our aircraft. If you have special protocols for the cargo that need to be addressed by one of your own professionals that let us know and we will begin preparations to accommodate them aboard the transport flight. We fly EADS CASA CN235 and commercial aircraft, all of which can safely and comfortably accommodate your on board couriers as well as your cargo.