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“Our fundamental mission is to provide air cargo services on time, anytime, everytime” –B. Gibson, CEO
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There is no cause we are prouder to give our cargo planes to than disaster relief, and we make it a priority when disaster strikes to reach out and put all of our resources at the disposal of relief efforts. During the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief effort, cargo planes were responsible for delivering tens of thousands of tons of relief supplies within the first month of the relief effort. That’s a number that cannot be matched by any other form of transport, and one that gives cargo plane services an important responsibility to aid in disaster relief efforts.

For Prescott Support, disaster relief is a tradition, something that is done without discussing or debating it. When a wide-scale disaster occurs, it is our duty as cargo plane owners to send whatever help we can to aid in the relief effort. That’s why whenever the next natural disaster occurs, you can bet that Prescott Support will be there transporting supplies and relief aid. In 2011 alone, Prescott Supplies was responsible for transporting 8.2 million ton-miles of cargo, equipment, and relief supplies in 2011, and each year a natural disaster occurs we make it our priority to beat that number.