Air cargo services
Humanitarian AID
123 Locations
“Our fundamental mission is to provide air cargo services on time, anytime, everytime” –B. Gibson, CEO
International locations served.

Prescott Support works closely with nonprofit organizations and we are proud to put our cargo planes to use to help with their missions. At Prescott Support, we plan for the worst so we’re ready for when the worst happens. Disasters will happen, there’s no changing that, but at Prescott Support we use our experience with transporting cargo to over 60 countries to send aid and relief to those in need. Through the experience and expertise of our veteran air crews, we do all we can to assist and aid governments and organizations worldwide in their relief and aid efforts.

But at Prescott Support we know that our help is needed at all times, even when disaster relief isn’t an issue. There’s always someone in need and an organization that is trying to help them, so we lend our services to nonprofit organizations all over the world to help assist with their missions. Our capabilities are vital when considering global relief efforts, and we make sure that our fleet is used both to transport your cargo as well as transport personnel and supplies to the people who need our help. It’s a tradition we are proud to uphold.