Capabilities cargo air charter
Capabilities cargo air charter
8.2 Million
Learn how Prescott Support has solved challenges for its customers.
Ton-Miles of cargo, equipment and relief supplies moved.

Domestic Air Charter
Prescott Support provides domestic air cargo and air charter solutions for urgent and sensitive shipments. Our state of the art planes offer 24 hour a day, 7 day a week capabilities. We understand the urgency you require and offer unparalleled customer service and support.

International Air Charter
Prescott Support has serviced over 123 locations in 2010, our experience in logistics, planning and air cargo expertise provides you unparallel access and answers to the toughest shipping requirements.  Whether its vehicles, generators, or drilling equipment; jungles or deserts; no cargo or location is too "out of the ordinary".

Government Air Charter
Our Government Air Charter services provide Department of State, United States Military and government executives flexible and reliable services under the stringent security and capability requirements. 

HAZMAT Delivery
Prescott Support certification, training and technologies offer unique 49 CFR and IATA compliant HAZMAT air cargo capabilities.  We are committed to transporting your HAZMAT goods under secure and government approved programs for domestic and international shipments.

Humanitarian Relief
Prescott Support's experience in operating in over 60 countries offers us the range and know-how to assist in humanitarian relief and disaster relief missions. Our veteran air crews assist and aid government and organizations worldwide in their relief and aid needs.

Logistics Support
Our air cargo operations specialist maintain constant control of your high-priority and time sensitive shipments. Ensuring your order is scheduled correctly, routed properly and followed-up on through the delivery process.

Nonprofit Support
At Prescott Support we have a long tradition of supporting nonprofit organizations in their missions.  We utilize our extensive capabilities and aircraft to serve and assist local and international nonprofit efforts.