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Air Charter Services

Experience the Prescott difference

The Highest Safety Standards

Safety drives our culture. We recruit for safety, and from day one we instill safety as a value in our people, we build it into our processes, and we use it to enable our decisions.

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Global Reach

Our fully developed, time-tested support networks and destinations in more than 60 countries extend your reach—safely, securely, and reliably—and put proven logistics at your fingertips.

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Customer-Driven Solutions

One size does not fit all. Our customers know that we can and will tailor our support to meet their needs precisely. We craft the services and support that best serves each customer.

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Industries Served

Our unique operational capability allows you to transport your cargo and personnel by air to remote, unimproved locations not served by traditional air carriers. We know these industries and their destinations: we have already climbed the learning curve.

Our Capabilities

Where can we support you?


Air Cargo Charter

Our continued success and growth in safely and reliably delivering air freight is based on three pillars:

  • The capability, flexibility, and reliability of our aircraft
  • The integrity, innovation, and expertise of the Prescott team
  • And our in-depth understanding of your air- freight requirements

Our fleet is ideally suited for air charters, whether you need long-term logistics work deep in the Sahara Desert or urgent repairs, parts, or critical materials in a major city. For 11 consecutive years, we have been a trusted, accident-free provider of air cargo services for the U.S. government. To talk about your requirements, contact our cargo charter experts.


Aviation and Logistics Solutions

Prescott's reputation as a safe, responsive, reliable, and cost-effective carrier is based on our partnership and past performance for our clients:

  • U.S. and international commercial clients, including Fortune 500 companies
  • U.S. federal government and state agencies
  • Domestic and international freight forwarders
  • International charities and relief organizations

All of our aircraft can land on short, unimproved landing sites—providing each customer with the unmatched flexibility of flying freight or passengers into traditional cargo terminals or selecting more remote locations with little infrastructure. We have access to ten of thousands of runways around the world—most in locations that are difficult to reach. We move vehicles, generators, and drilling equipment to jungles and deserts... No cargo or location is too "out of the ordinary" for us.

Passenger Charter

We move people safely from pickup locations chosen by customers to traditional destinations and remote, austere locations—including environments where safety and security is a concern. We have access to tens of thousands of runways around the world, most of which are unimproved and in locations that others cannot reach. Our aircraft can accommodate up to 28 passengers.

We know the territory: we have been there before. We can transport individuals and teams from wherever they are to within feet of wherever they need to go—and provide them with everything they need along the way.