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Emergency Air Cargo Charter

When you need last minute cargo charter services, Prescott Air, a U.S. headquartered company, is here for you. Our emergency air cargo charter team can get your products and other deliveries where you need them, when you need them. As long as you can get them to us so that it’s physically possible to get to your destination on time, we can do it!

Our Emergency Air Services

We offer a number of different emergency air cargo services:

  • Standard Air Freight. Whether it’s a last minute change of plans or a product that was delayed, we’ll take care of your emergency air cargo. We understand that sometimes delays happen or that plans have to change last minute, and we’ll do everything possible to accommodate those changes.
  • Emergency Hazardous Materials. While there are some extra measures that must be taken to make certain we can successfully transport HAZMAT materials at the last minute, it can be done. While we may need a little more lead time to make certain that the cargo can be successfully transported without incident, hazardous materials are generally not a problem for last-minute emergency charter.
  • On-Board Courier. Is it vital that you have someone accompany your emergency air cargo? Not a problem. We can accommodate on-board couriers with any of our flights, including last-minute emergencies.
  • Passenger Charter. Our emergency air cargo team doesn’t just get your cargo to where it needs to go—we can also handle emergency passenger charters. We’ll get your people where you need them as quickly as we possibly can.
  • AOG Solutions. We know breakdowns are one of the most unexpected emergencies out there. When something does break down, you may start losing money for every minute it is inoperable. We will get your parts, maintenance experts, and anything you need to the site quickly and safely.
  • Humanitarian Assistance. There’s no emergency that takes more precedence than the one which threatened the lives of others. Whether it’s a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or anything else, our trained experts will get your cargo or assistance team into the area as quickly as possible. They’re trained in finding the safest way to approach a disaster site and land without causing any further disturbance.

No emergency is too big for us. Here at Prescott Air, we can get you, your team, or your cargo where others cannot. Simply contact us today with the details of your problem and we’ll work out a solution for you.

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