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Public Sector/Government Charter

Prescott has a long history of supporting federal, state, and local governments. All of our aircraft offer specialized accommodations for oversized and HAZMAT cargo, as well as personnel. For 11 consecutive years, Prescott has been on the U.S. government’s approved list of trusted providers of air charter services, and for 11 consecutive years we have operated accident-free. Whether you need to transport supplies, heavy cargo, or passengers, our fleet of unique aircraft will get the job done safely, reliably, and on time.

We specialize in moving time-critical, high-value, and outsized cargo around the world with our fleet of EADS CASA CN235 aircraft, allowing us to take on emergency assignments with a rapid response time that is second to none. We have safely and successfully flown thousands of missions to locations around the world. Our government work complies with strict requirements for safety and financial auditability; we have a long history of meeting and exceeding those standards.

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