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Humanitarian Assistance

Just a few hours after Hurricane Matthew loosened its hold on the Caribbean, Prescott aircraft were on the ground in Haiti. Our crews and aircraft have responded to many of the world’s worst disasters. Often, we stay long after most have gone home.  

Responding to disasters is a key element of our business. The unique capabilities of our fleet—as well as the experience and innovation of our people—transport your teams, equipment, and response materials directly to the “X.”  

We work closely with nonprofit organizations and are proud to deploy our planners, planes, and aircrews to support their missions. At Prescott, we plan for the worst, and we’re ready when it happens. We use our experience safely transporting cargo to more than 60 countries to send aid and relief to those in need. Through the experience and expertise of our veteran air crews, we do all we can to assist and aid governments and organizations worldwide in their relief and aid efforts.

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