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Regardless of your goals, Prescott will ensure that your cargo goes from point A to point B with no hassle. Prescott is experienced with a wide variety of service levels and can cater offerings to your needs. We are as adept at handling Fortune 500 company cargo as international NGO freight transport. Prescott’s air charter services will get your cargo there when traditional solutions don’t work.

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CN235 Capabilities

Prescott utilizes the capabilities of the CN235 twin-engine, medium-range transport plane to offer unparalleled air freight and air cargo services globally. Prescott provides global services to commercial and governmental clients around the world, from chartered transport between international hubs to shipping air freight to remote, otherwise-inaccessible locations. Regardless of your need or cargo, Prescott’s CN235 planes will ensure that your cargo arrives safely and securely.

CN-235 3D TOUR

Designed for extreme conditions, the CN-235 can operate from unpaved runways, including hot and sandy desert condition.

Cargo Cabin Configurations

The cargo/passenger cabin is provided with a lining covering the entire interior to ensure thermo-acoustical insulation and a comfortable interior finish. The interior furnishing matches the inner contour of the fuselage structure and covers the control cables, the air conditioning, and the other systems to protect them against damage from cargo or passengers.

overall space
The dimensions of the CN-235-300 cargo cabin optimize the number and type of loads carried, ranging from passengers or paratroopers to light vehicles or aircraft engines. The cargo cabin is specifically configured to fulfill each required mission, with a system that permits a rapid change from one configuration to another with a high degree of versatility.

ConfigurationThe CN-235 can transport palletised cargo with a Cargo Handling Aerial Delivery System (CHADS) completely compatible with the 463L cargo pallet system which iswidely used in the C-130 and otherairlifters.

This configuration allows the transport of up to:

  • Four 88”x108” pallets (one on the ramp)
  • Eight 88” x 54” pallets (two on the ramp).

The CN-235 can transport 51 passengers in high density configuration using a central seat row. Additionally, an optional four-place ramp seat is available, providing a maximum capability of 55 seats. When the central row is not used, the aircraft carries up to 36 passengers.

The CN-235-300 is equipped with two main doors, a crew door, an emergency door, and the a ramp door in the aft part of the fuselage.

The CN-235-300 can transport general cargo or bulky loads such as wheeled vehicles. In the case of transporting vehicles, they are secured to hard points on the floor structure by means of cargo straps and cargo chains, with no need for floor shoring. The maximum wheeled vehicle weight per axle is 2100 kg which allows the carriage of most of the vehicles in common use.

CN235 in numbers

Cargo Length 32’  8’’ 9.65 m
Cargo Width 7’ 9’’ 2.36 m
Cargo Height 5’ 7’’ 1.71 m
Cubic Capacity 1.367 39 m3
Effective Range 1,500 nautical miles  
Plane Length 70’ 3’’ 21.4 m
Wingspan 84’ 8’’ 25.81 m
MTOW 34,830 lbs 15,832 kg
MLW 34,830 lbs 15,832 kg
Fuel Capacity 9,950 US gallons  
Max Payload Cargo 7,500 lbs 3,400 kg
Passengers 30  
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