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Private Cargo Jet Charter

Prescott Support, a U.S. headquartered company, offers private cargo jet charter for those who are shipping cargo that is highly sensitive, fragile, or requires specific transportation methods. Our private cargo service ensures that your cargo is isolated and transported alone, something that is at times vital.

What Cargo Requires Private Charter Jets?

There are a number of different items you may way to have shipped via a private cargo jet:

  • Fragile items. Often, something that is highly fragile needs to be shipped by itself so that other items around it do not bump or fall into the item. This especially true if you need to transport a fragile item that is also highly valuable. By shipping it on a private cargo jet, you don’t have to worry about any other cargo being packed near the fragile item.
  • Large items. Some large items, such as vehicles or large art installations, may also need to be shipped via a private cargo jet. You may also need something like large pieces for oil rigs or other massive structures. These items may also be fragile, or they may be so large that it would be difficult to place other items around them. Shipping them on a private jet reduces the chance that your item may be damaged or may damage other cargo.
  • Sensitive materials. Many businesses have product prototypes or other sensitive items that need to be shipped with as much secrecy as possible. By chartering a private cargo jet through Prescott Support, we guarantee your sensitive cargo will be kept away from prying eyes.
  • Items with unique needs. If your cargo needs to be transported in a refrigerated chamber, at a specific pressure, or has some other unique need, a private jet may be the best option since it can have additional equipment added to it without disturbing other cargo.
  • Sometimes your team becomes the cargo. If you need to get your team in and out of a remote destination, this can sometimes be difficult to try and find a charter for. It takes a special crew with the knowledge and experience to get you and your team where you need to be, without delays. That can be more easily remedied when you consider private charter jets.

Additional Services

In addition to transporting your items on a private cargo jet, we also offer the following:

If you’d like to know more about chartering a private cargo jet through Prescott, contact us today. Here at Prescott Air, we will help you get your team, and yourself, plus any cargo you need, right where you need it, even when others can’t get you there.

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