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Air cargo carriers to benefit from FAA

Air cargo carriers to benefit from FAA

The FAA recently came out with good news for pilots and the airlines they serve, when they approved the iPad mini for use with Jeppesen's electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions. The iPad has been authorized for several years and has reportedly saved the airlines millions in fuel costs, since it eliminated the pilots’ 35-pound kit bags, but the iPad mini is even lighter – only ¾ lbs, and its smaller 7.9 inch touchscreen, which makes it even easier for pilots to use the EFB, since it is half the weight of an iPad.

The iPad mini was put through the same rigorous testing afforded the iPad and conforms to RTCA DO-160F Rapid Decompression. Jeppesen has tested its product line on the full range of iPad products and has been approved for use with all of them. The decompression testing that was done ensures that the electronic device won’t explode or that the lithium ion battery won’t cause a fire should there be a rapid decompression event. The devices were tested at the maximum operational altitude at which they will be used. The tests also verified that the devices would remain functional after sudden loss of cabin pressure and that should such an event occur, crews would not be forced to use alternate means to access information normally viewed on the electronic devices.

Authorization from the FAA is required for carriers that want to move to EFB solutions and with the recent letter of operational suitability Jeppesen received from the FAA, interested customers will be able to include this letter in their request for FAA authorization. Jeppesen will share the letter to those who wish to use the Jeppesen apps. In approving the Jeppesen Apps, the FAA also took into consideration feedback received from operators who tested the apps. 

Air cargo carriers will benefit from Jeppesen's full suite of electronic services that allow cost-effective transition from paper-based information to electronic services that can be fully integrated into the flight deck.

Jeppesen’s Mobile FliteDeck was used to test the iPad mini and came through with flying colors. It was used during the decompression testing to access aviation data and operators found that it was easy to use, and the charts and maps offered excellent detail. Current Jeppesen digital data subscribers can download the Mobile FliteDeck free of charge through the iPad app store or from iTunes.

May 8, 2014
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