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Prescott Attends the Business Aviation Safety Summit

Prescott Attends the Business Aviation Safety Summit

Building Our Knowledge at the Safety Summit

Our Director of Safety, Dale Wright, recently attended aviation's leading safety summit-the Flight Safety Foundation’s 63rd annual Business Aviation Safety Summit (BASS 2018) in Chicago, Illinois. The summit gathered more than 200 representatives from the leading aviation companies in the United States and worldwide to share innovations and new practices to enhance aviation safety. 

The summit gave us an opportunity to learn from safety vendors in the General Sessions and also to network with other business aviation companies. Many of Prescott's vendors presented their latest developments and innovations. For example, ARINCDirect, Polaris Aero, and Professional Flight Management (PFM) have developed a partnership to bring together FOS® scheduling tools, FlightRisk, and PFM® scheduling to provide a comprehensive safety snapshot to pilots, schedulers and dispatchers, and management.

Three Key Safety Topics

The General Sessions focused on three key topics: the growing risk of lithium battery fires, the lack of safety performance indicators, and dealing with unstable approaches. 

  • The risk from fires caused by lithium-batteries is a growing concern across the aviation community. Having access to the batteries is the primary safety focus. If you have access to the battery, you can extinguish the fire and cool the remaining cells to stop the thermal runaway.
  • The lack of Safety Performance Indicators is the number one finding of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) Audits. The importance of establishing appropriate metrics and diligently overseeing the process is crucial. How can you manage safety if you are not measuring it?
  • Data shows that 3% to 5% of all approaches are unstable approaches. The key is to give the crew the tools they need to identify an unstable approach early, as well as the tools and support they need to know when to make a go-around.

Learning from Others to Enhance Safety

One of the most significant benefits of the summit was the opportunity to network with others to gauge how we compare to other leading business aviation companies and learn what we can from their efforts. 

The summit and events like it help Prescott continue to be a state-of-the-art leader in monitoring, measuring, and pursuing aviation safety. We are constantly looking for better ways to ensure the safety of our passengers and operators. We are constantly honing our processes, tools, and technologies to meet the highest status standards. It's one of the key reasons we have never had an accident in our corporate history.  

Jun 28, 2018
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