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Prescott Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary: Thank You to Our Vendors and Partners

In the Spring of 2009, Prescott took off as a global commercial carrier with a focused specialty working with our customers to deliver the "hard to do." This April, we will celebrate a decade of steady growth thanks to our unparalleled operational team that has built a world-class safety record.

When we talk of team, of course we mean our crew in Myrtle Beach, but we also mean you — our vendors and partners who operate the extensive network in the United States and overseas. You are an integral part of our skilled, passionate, and diverse workforce and a key component in our continued success.

Our shared commitment to maintain the highest standards of ethics and safety is the main reason we have flown more than 20,000 accident-free hours, delivering more than 32 billion ton-miles of freight in 126 countries/locations around the world. 

I personally cannot thank you enough for your proven dedication and professionalism. We couldn't do it without you. As we now begin our second decade serving our customers anywhere and anytime, we will need you more than ever. Let's continue to climb together.

May 14, 2019
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